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Kiss a Ginger Day: today is the day to support our favorite redheads

The redheads complain about having had a terrible childhood, the poor. At school they get involved with them and call them "Carrot", at least. In addition, the girls do not take them seriously because they are pale and have lots of freckles. And being that redhead is very hard and not always treated as well as we should.
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We die of love with the daughter of Serena Williams

Yes, the big day has arrived and Serena Williams has already become a mother. How could it be otherwise, the tennis player has wanted to share this great moment through her Instagram account with one of the most tender photos we have seen of celebrities and with which you will become more tender than a croissant fresh from the oven… We introduce you to Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr.
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The onion extract shampoo that is sweeping Amazon and helps hair grow faster (and no, it doesn't smell like onion)

We all want our hair to grow at the speed of light: wear a strong and healthy hair. Nuggela & Sulé shampoo with onion extract is sweeping Amazon (it is positioned as the best seller), and according to the manufacturer explains that it makes hair grow stronger and faster. Both for the care of your hair and that of your boy, its composition is a real boom: red onion extract (with fortifying properties), marine glycogen (responsible for curbing hair loss) and dead sea salts (source of minerals that activates hair growth).
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