Amaia premieres her first (and peculiar) solo song

Let the world stop because, finally, the day has come when Amaia Romero has given us to try a advancement of the personal project that he prepares since he left the academy of Triumph operation and will go through Eurovision.

And we call it "advance" and not "single" because A new place does not even reach minute and a half duration. In fact, Amaia herself has confessed to the Jenesaispop portal that it's not a single from the album he records with Refree (producer of Rosalía's first album), but simply "a snack".

“We wanted to do something small, but very careful. Very worked. I am super happy because the image, the lights and everything seems to me of a lot of quality to be something small ”, the singer has declared exclusively to the publication of music.

Despite its short duration, the theme has a video clip and has the only presence of Amaia in a game of chiaroscuro in which, sometimes, we can hardly see it.

The subject is inspired by Amaia's departure from OT and there are several references to media overexposure which has led to its passage through the program. It also has a bit of particular humor from Navarre. Above all, at the end of the song when he sings "goodbye" and laughs as if he knew that, with this little show, leaves his fans with more unknowns of the ones they already had.

At the moment it is expected that, today, TVE confirms the rumors that the artist will be present tomorrow Wednesday in the final gala of Operation Triunfo to act and pass the witness to the new winner.

Photo: Instagram Amaia.

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