The best note apps to sort your ideas now that Evernote looks like it's not the dance queen anymore

For more than 10 years, Evernote It has been the company of Note-Taking most important for users (225 million registered users and 20,000 companies confirm it) worldwide. It was one of the first unicorns of Silicon Valley (startups that reach a valuation of 1,000 million dollars in the market) and has managed to integrate with other apps such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. It's not going through its best moment, but don't worry, it's not the only one app of notes that exist.

A ruling that left users unprotected in 2010, numerous errors in data synchronization or the loss of several executives just a week ago (TechCrunch speaks of four: its CTO Anirban Kundu, its CFO Vincent Toolan, its CPO Erick Wrobel and Michelle Wagner , in charge of the Human Resources area) are reasons why it is thought that Evernote is no longer what it was.

Some experts talk about the decay of the brand or even the beginning of its end. In case it ends up happening, we introduce you seven alternatives of note apps so that the organization continues in your life like until now.


This application free It is visually similar to Evernote, although only support text notes. Simple and the closest thing to the post-it of yesteryear. All your notes together in one place, because you sync all devices: the office computer, the Ipad from which you watch the series and the mobile you always have on hand.

Compatibility: iOS, Mac, Android, Linux and even Kindle.


The app of the bear is one of the favorites of the users of Manzana. It has a modern and simple to use design and allows you to create both quick notes when you have an idea of ​​a million dollars, as notes made with images, links and text. Is it so flexible which allows you to choose typography, view style and classification with hashtag. The bad: the free version will not be enough and you will need more. The good: the price of the version premium it is affordable (1.49 euros per month).

Compatibility: iOS Y Mac.

Google Keep

Colors, shared notes and reminders are the strengths of this simple and free app of notes of Google. The same as Evernote, any changes you make from any device will be synchronized automatically (including reminders). That way you won't have to worry about where you wrote it or when that important date is. And if you're in the subway surrounded by arms that prevent you from writing, It has a function that allows you to add quick notes with an audio.

Compatibility: iOS, Android Y Google Chrome.

Microsoft OneNote

You see a garment in the Web Zara you like, you take a screenshot and save it as a note in a folder you can call: clothes that I need to buy. It is one of the advantages of this app free: a more complete classification system than the one with Evernote. It also allows you to incorporate photographs, draw, write and record without leaving the app, Y syncs automatically on all your devices.

Compatibility: Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon and browsers Web.


This app it's paid, yes, but the 16.99 euros that costs will be nothing if you compare them with what will be how to have your own personal assistant. It is much more complete than Evernote: allows to manage notes, documents and even bookmarks. And although the interface is not the prettiest in the world, it is easy to use and has many tools with which you can be the orderly friend we all want to be.

Compatibility: Mac and iOS.

Zoho's Notebook

It is one of the apps more visual on the market and it's completely free. Its interface is similar to the Google Keep, Y allows you to create voice memos, drawings, notes with text and images and checklists (tremendously practical to do check when you go on a trip and you want your suitcase to be perfect, for example).

The organization system is quite intuitive: You can organize the notes in “notebooks”, reorder them, copy them, group them or leaf through them to easily find what you are looking for and it has the function of automatic synchronization.

Compatibility: iOS, Android Y Windows.

Dropbox Paper

He is only two years old, but Dropbox Paper has become the favorite of work teams. Your collaborative approach allows you to share your ideas, images and videos for projects in a team environment. Its "flexible workspace" was created to help people work together.

You can use it to organize your best friend's bachelorette party, plan the next trip with your family or make the branding report with your coworkers thanks to functions like the one that allows you to see the activity of the team. It can also be integrated with Google Calendar, Slack or Spotify and is free having an account Dropbox.

Compatibility: iOS, Android Y Web.


If you are one of those people who feel nostalgia for paper and pen, this is your app. You can use your finger or your pen smartphone to write on an infinite page, so it is perfect for those who already have the new Samsung mobile, for example. Each note will have a toolbar at the top, which allows you to customize colors, duplicate text, resize or delete errors. It is free and a very good option to take notes in class with a tablet.

Compatibility: Android, Chromebook Y Windows.


Is the app task management and more complete note taking of Manzana. Although it offers a 14-day trial version, it has a cost of 4.99 euros per month. It is simple to use, syncs with iCloud and allows you to add folders from Dropbox. And fans of Manzana they will adore her because she has a clean, minimalist and practical design that can be customized: ideal for those who are used to handle with their iPhone. Have a Very intuitive text editor, numerous organization and administration tools, and allows to add images and links to the notes created.

Compatibility: Mac and iOS.

And after seeing the alternatives we will give you one more information tech: in Evernote It has never been easy to export data (only allow to do it in PDF, a format that is hardly editable later). But With these apps you won't have that problem: Bear allows export in PDF, JPG, DOCX, HTML And till MD; OneNote to DOCX Y PDF; Google Keep to Google Docs; Dropbox Paper allows you to export several documents together (in DOCX, MD Y PDF) Y Ulysses it does to HTML, PDF, EPUB, and even directly to WordPress.

Do you need more reasons to see that there is life beyond Evernote?

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