Two videos, two teams: are you #letiziateam or #sofiteam?

Not even the most disputed match of the Champions League. Never before a few seconds of video had given so much: experts in protocol, psychologists, lip readers and body language, etc. And, of course, there are opinions for all tastes and two antagonistic positions It seems they will never agree by blaming each other. A confrontation that extends in the street and through social networks. And you, which team are you from, #letiziateam or #sofiTeam?

The controversy This week the Queen Doña Letizia and the Queen Emeritus Doña Sofía starred with a video that was recorded at the doors of the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca on Easter Sunday, not only has given rise to all kinds of speculation and starred national covers and numerous international media, as we also tell you here. In addition, it is a debate that has managed to divide our society into two antagonistic groups, totally clinging to their positions and that they believe are right against each other.

After this first video, the first opinions and reactions were against Doña Letizia, with massive support for Doña Sofía. There seemed to be a majority opinion that the queen had prevented her mother-in-law from taking a picture with her granddaughters, which gave strength to the #sofiteam members To express your outrage.

An opinion joined by statements by other royals, a situation that could have seriously damaged Doña Letizia's public image and that, in the words of her friend Inma Aguilar, they had "worried and quite desolate."

But a day later and seeing a new version of the moment in another video and from another angle, the reality does not seem so clear nor does it seem so simple to run in favor of the emeritus queen without questioning anything. A new version of the facts that has given arguments to #teamLetizia to defend that the Queen had not had such aggressive behavior against her mother-in-law and that it is Princess Leonor who abruptly removes her grandmother's arm.

But not only this new perspective opens the doors to another possibility of controversy of the moment Also in social networks we have found successful slow-motion analysis of the controversial moment, which suggests that by reviewing the sequence completely and not taking context only a certain moment, the interpretation can be very different.

Let's see it in slow motion ... #Letizia

- Queen Dramas (@dramasqueenx) April 3, 2018

We have consulted with a referee specialized in watching images of matches to detect even the smallest detail and watching both videos in very slow motion, as if we were analyzing a penalty play, confirms that it is the opposite of how everything was initially interpreted and that it is Doña Sofía who takes her hand and not Doña Letizia, giving the impression that the current Queen, being very strict , I just wanted to continue with what was agreed with protocol and not get out of it.

Will this second video serve to soften a controversy that has overcome Spanish borders and that has created a gap between the two factions?

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