Gigi Hadid the natural: it seems that the model has gone from shaving in her latest fashion shooting

We start the day with another controversy around hair removal. This time focused on one of the best known models in the world, Gigi Hadid. The top model He has decided to show us his skills for boxing in the latest Christmas video of the magazine Sees it, letting us glimpse something else in passing. Wet hair, muscular body and underarm hair, which has unleashed all possible emotions on social networks.

The video could not be sexier. At we can see the model boxing in a total look from Tommy Hilfiger, the firm of which she is an ambassador. Leggings and custom red sports bra, combined with a bomber in blue navy to achieve the color combo made in america own brand. All worn by a sweaty Gigi Hadid, with wet hair in the style wet and a very dramatic makeup, with lips burgundy and loaded with illuminator.

However, all of this has been eclipsed for a couple of seconds of the video, in which Gigi boasts biceps and reveals the hair in his armpits. This has automatically unleashed a whole conversation on Instagram and YouTube, facing comments of support, applause and admiration with others of apprehension. Finally, the makeup artist Hung Vanngo, responsible for the look for him shootingHe said that "it is not hair, but fluff created by the jacket, dust and sweat."

Some believe the make-up version and others continue to affirm, at the blow of zoom, which is about hair. What has become clear to us is that female hair, even beyond the intimate area, continues to create controversy and generate discussions about it. It has already happened with Madonna, with her daughter Lourdes and with many other fashion campaigns. It is difficult not to question at times like this because something like body hair in women remains a matter of dispute in a year in which it has been done so much to break the rules that separate the feminine from the masculine and to celebrate the beauty of the natural , what body-positive and the unisex.

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Video: Goddess Photoshoot (December 2019).