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We did not expect this: Ed Westwick, our dear Chuck Bass, has also been accused of rape

One more that joins the growing list of Hollywood characters accused of sexual harassment. It is the case of Ed westwick, the famous Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl, who has been accused by the actress Kristina Cohen having raped her three years ago in Ed's house when she was sleeping asleep. The actor has not taken long to answer via Instagram and defends himself saying that "he doesn't know anything about the actress".

According to Kristina, she went to a dinner at the actor's house with her boyfriend, a producer who knew Ed. There she felt unwell and lay on a bed to rest, falling asleep. He woke up with Ed on top of him who forced and raped her. The producer he was with told him not to denounce him, that no one would believe her, that Ed would destroy her career and that she would only be famous for being "that girl"who denounced him.

So far he has not had the strength to report it, but In this example we see how these complaints have been silenced so far: A little known girl has nothing to do before a powerful man. Even her boyfriend sided with the actor and convinced her not to report him.

For now, Ed Westwick has declared via Instagram that he doesn't know this girl and who has never raped anyone.

- Ed Westwick (@EdWestwick) November 7, 2017

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