Carmen Navarro presents her new center, and I want to try her Beauty Delicatessen

A few days ago, I was lucky to visit the new center of Carmen Navarro in the Monte Esquiza street 11. If I write luck, it is because I was able to know on the ground a modern space, in the heart of Madrid, under facilities that invite the peace and the break, and house cosmetic treatments and appliances more avant-garde of the low moment. Everything, thanks to the experience of more than 40 years dedicated to integral beauty, which Carmen search incessantly, under the slogan of the most new and effective.

study, investigation, a qualified team Y exquisite treatment are the keys aimed at achieving the best results. Cosmetic rituals, medical-aesthetic protocols last generation, diagnosis comprehensive, personalization Y tracing They are the emblems of this new center, aimed at caring for and treating body and face. Beauty Deliactessen, as she has called, is a new concept of unprecedented beauty, expressed through a treatment menu, to meet all needs. I detail what I found,

Beauty gourmets, get ready for the season!

On the occasion of autumn and the opening of the center, Carmen Navarro Describe your proposals with a funny similarity: Gourmet products for the skin, depending on the care and care that is required. For it,

  • Nanofractional Radio Frequency, you may have heard of it, it is based on the smartscan technology, and offers an energy cocktail capable of generating collagen activating its synthesis so smart Where skin needs it. This is one of the centers where you can find Venus alive, the instrument with which to carry it out and be able to correct deep wrinkles, acne scars, large pores, uneven texture, irregularities of pigmentation and stretch marks. I have seen several results and it is a technique, safe, non-invasive, very effective, with immediate results.

  • R-200 It is a device multifunction able to try from the acne and the rosaceablur scars Y stretch marksfight the cellulitis, prevent hair loss and even try contractures Y pains. Radio frequency waves, under a very sophisticated system, in which even conventional applicators can be replaced by the hands of the professional, provided with bracelets that allow the benefits to be transmitted to the skin being treated. You can appreciate it in the photograph. Its use can tone, reduce, reshape, reaffirm ...

  • Mille Perle Sublime, is the star treatment of Maria Galland It is offered downtown. A limited edition anti-aging luxury protocol formulated with active pearls to regenerate skins with high needs. The innovative complex seeks the uniformity and luminosity of the skin, and is ideal for treating the visible signs of aging that need reaffirm and hydrate your skin.

  • Hydralift FX, this facial antiaging under the method of hydrodermabrasion, includes cleaning and hygiene, peeling, hydration and rejuvenation. A different treatment from all others in terms of antiaging methodology, which releases the stratum corneum, allowing penetration of active ingredients and a powerful action anti-aging With exceptional results. Perfect when routine hygiene does not allow you to achieve your goals.

  • Cacy Sinergy, Tsunami Wave high antiaging efficiency It is a British method, famous for using low intensity microcurrents for the treatment of facial paralysis. Work simultaneously microcurrents very low frequency with therapy led light wave Tsunami Wave, whose power increases as it penetrates the tissue, without irritating the surface. Re-educate the position of the musculature facial, neck and body, getting better from the first session, sagging, wrinkles, bags, scars, acne in different degrees, stretch marks, sun damage and even cellulite.

  • Cellu m6® Alliance Aesthetic Medicale from LPG It is a technological combination that enhances the effectiveness of medical-aesthetic treatments through the synergy of two technologies. Mobilizes skin tissues with such precision that it is used as an aid tool for surgeons, cosmetic doctors and dermatologists, before, during and after any intervention. Prepare the tissue, power effects of the interventions, maintains the results, and prevents or minimizes Possible side effects Reactivates cell activity, stimulates micro-circulationIt improves venous insufficiency, oxygenates tissues, drains, defibrous after radiation therapy in cancer patients, among other benefits.

Don't you feel like trying one of these much needed little luxuries? Maybe Carmen Navarro I have responded to the solution, curiosity or concern that was spinning in your head lately. In any case, taking care of yourself is a pleasure that we should all give ourselves.

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