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Miley Cyrus faces Dolce & Gabanna on social networks and things get a little out of hand

Miley Cyrus brings us today our daily dose of social media drama. And it is that the singer of Malibu has not been able to resist temptation and has criticized the Italian firm Dolce & Gabanna for Instagram. And of course, its designers have not hesitated to respond to the attack, also in the same way. Things have gotten out of hand when they have been misunderstood. Do you want to know the whole story?

It all started when Miley's little brother, Braison, paraded in the millennial show from Dolce & Gabanna with others like Pelayo. After the show, the celebrity He wanted to congratulate his brother on Instagram. But I can't miss the opportunity to drop a strip and get into rough topics.

"Congratulations Braison for your first parade. Being a model has never been my little brother's dream, since he is one of the most talented musicians that my ears have had the pleasure of hearing. But it is something of the Cyrus family to try everything at least once and take advantage of opportunities that take us out of our comfort zone.We believe in trying something new every day! I love you Prince Suga Bear and, seriously, congratulations on your experience.I am very proud of you, from Nashville to Italy . Postscript: Dolce & Gabanna, I don't agree with your policies at all, but I support your company's effort to celebrate young artists and give them a platform to shine. "

Although Miley does not specify what policies she refers to, Stefano Gabanna assumes that it is for the firm's support for Melania Trump, the first lady of the United States and wife of President Donald Trump. It is not that the singer says something offensive or in bad ways (in fact she thanks them for their work), but Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabanna are reputed to jump against any hater I criticize them. This earned them the hashtag #Boycott Dolce & Gabanna, which they have become their motto by a signature shirt.

Of course, Stefano Gabbana has been quick to respond to Miley Cyrus's comments, both on her Instagram and on her own. First he started calling her ignorant in the comments on Miley's photo and telling her that "because of their stupid comment, they won't work with him again." Then he dedicated the following post, that reposted Of the singer.

"We are Italian and we don't care about politics and much less American. We make dresses and if you think you can do politics with a post you are ignorant. We don't need your posts or comments, so next time, please ignore us."

However, after all the stir it seems that Miley Cyrus was referring to the use of animal skins what does the maison Italian and not his support for Melania Trump, so perhaps Dolce & Gabanna moved forward a little in drawing conclusions. Neither Miley has responded to these attacks nor has her brother Braison made any statements about it.

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Video: Stay for Miley Cyrus by Omar Dolce (December 2019).