Paula Echevarría attacks against Hi! and hello! respond bluntly

Paula Echevarría becomes news again. And it is not for Velvet not for the state of their marriage, but for the confrontation he has undertaken in social networks against the magazine Hello! for publishing exclusive photographs that, in the opinion of the actress and as she makes clear on her Instagram, "are not exclusive." With it, the celebrity He has questioned the professionalism of the header, accusing it openly of manipulation. Y Hello! She has not been silent about it.

The magazine published an article in which it shows "the first inn of the new life of Paula Echevarría", with photographs that they call exclusive about the it girl after its separation. However, the actress has assured in her Instagram account that "they are just a few photos taken last year to promote my new perfume Sensuelle. Some photos that after the launch of this perfume are sent to all the media accompanied by a press release with the description of it ".

In addition, Paula has crossed out the manipulative magazine for "lying saying that they are exclusive and transforming them into a report where it seems that I have made a profit from a personal situation that I have never pronounced or will ever do." Serious accusations that not only criticize Hello! to profit from a personal situation, also to use the concept of "exclusivity" to sell more journals. But the thing does not stop there, because the Spanish head has responded to these accusations.

This morning, the magazine has washed the hands of Paula Echevarría's harsh criticism with a second article, entitled "Paula Echevarría's photo report in HELLO! Is exclusive." According to the group, the images were yielded by Sensuelle and published in the magazine in a dignified and respectful manner, and with the authorization of the actress.

Given this, Paula focuses on a nuance: the headline is misleading because the images were made before marriage and, consequently, before "his new life." But Hello! He is not intimidated and has alleged that they were made at the press conference of the fragrance, the first public appearance of the artist after jumping the news of her marriage crisis.

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