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The 7 looks with which Alexa Chung showed that the Converse are the shoes of this spring

Alexa Chung's style is most eclectic, but the it girl He always stays true to the clothes that work for him. This is the case of the Converse. No matter the trend, the years that pass or the occasion. Alexa Chung always find a way to make them work in your outfits. And much more in spring! Would you like to spend the season in All Stars? The British has many ideas to inspire you to do so.

With dress and oversized sweater

This is the perfect styling for this time of halftime in which it is cold as hot as soon. Fluid summer maxi dress with a sweater oversize above, for when the temperature drops. and on the feet, Converse shoes to give the look a very casual touch.

With jeggings and XXL shirt

This look It is one of the most SUVs and is one that Alexa Chung repeats a lot. Jeggings or leggings tight and extra large shirt to go very comfortable and with well compensated volumes. Better if the design is from a music group. And to give a very touch rock: All Stars, red lips and good sunglasses.

With classic clothes

It is not necessary to be the most risky and modern. In fact, Alexa is not. She chooses the style preppy for the night and the british more nerd during the day. Dresses babydoll, straight jeans, collared shirts, eight-piece sweaters and trench. With them he creates styles very british, to which he adds fashion shoes for reduce the effect and make them appear more relaxed and easy.

With cowboy bib and lady blouse

You can't be more eighty than this. It simply can't. Cowboy bib with straight fall, Converse of boot style and, so that it does not seem too much sporty, a Victorian design lace collar and blouse. It would only occur to her, but now we can all get inspired.

Shirt and shorts

The shorts jeans may seem very young but she knows how to give them a touch of sophistication like nobody else. Silk shirt, handbag and sunglasses. And on the feet some All Stars, because we are already seeing that they go with everything. This is one of the most repeated combinations by the it girl.

With chic dress

The rule has been broken for a long time and we started wearing dresses with sports shoes. Even the most delicate and sophisticated silk like this one that Alexa wears. Is a very effective way to use less wearable garments every day, with raffia and converse bags.

A basic hit

The cigarettes are Alexa Chung's best friends, and the basic with style too. A sailor striped T-shirt and All Stars sneakers is all you need to go out on the street setting a trend. Of course, we would add a touch of red lipstick.

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