Not only for make-up removal: the other five uses of micellar water

That micellar water is an off-road cosmetic that has revolutionized the makeup remover market is something that, sure, doesn't catch you by surprise. What you may not be aware of is the other uses you can give. And there are few cosmetic products on the market right now that have so many different applications. Then we will stop at some of them.

Micellar water as a make-up remover

Yes, we know, this use is crystal clear. Micellar water was born with the purpose of make your life easier when you remove makeup.

Because the routine of getting ready before an appointment, or of a stay with your friends, an important day of work or, simply, in your daily express makeup, is fun. But when the plan is over and you come home, all you're thinking about is getting into bed and sleeping deeply.

But you know that one last thing is left before falling into Morpheus’s arms: it is completely forbidden to go to bed without removing makeup. What your grandmother would have given to have a micellar water like Nivea's at the time!

And is that make-up removal with micellar water is very simple. You just need to soak the product in a cotton disk and pass it all over your face in gentle movements. In five minutes your skin is clean, without makeup and, at the same time, hydrated and toned. Holy Water!

Micellar water as a cleanser

Once the night is solved, a new day begins and with it, other beauty routines; well, maybe some of them are not so different. And is that the first step of your morning facial treatment coincides with that of the night, since Micellar water is also an excellent cleaning solution.

In this way, and at a stroke, you will remove impurities, dead cells and fat that may have accumulated while you were sleeping, and you will leave your skin ready for the second beauty step.

It's more, if you have sensitive, atopic or red skin, micellar water should be your bedside cleanser. Experts recommend it, since its formula based on micelles does not irritate the skin; On the contrary, it relaxes it and leaves it ready for any other treatment you want to apply.

Next, please!

Micellar water for after sports

One of the fundamental pillars of a healthy life is exercise daily. But don't worry, we're not here to put on a fat burning exercise chart, but to give you good news to give you. Being a fit-girl is in fashion (There is nothing more to take a look at Instagram to verify that they are the ones that start the cod) and becoming one of them is as easy as making discipline and constancy your reason for being.

The same goes for taking care of your body, especially if you exercise. Hereinafter don't forget to bring micellar water in your sports bag to apply it immediately after finishing your physical exercise. In this way you will quickly eliminate sweat and prevent accumulated fat from attacking your skin.

Also, after exercising, the pores of the skin are more open and therefore more receptive before any cosmetic treatment. It is the perfect time, then, to clean your complexion, relax, tone and leave it ready for further care.

Micellar water to cool you

Now that the good weather arrives and the sun begins to tighten, temperatures rise and you go away, little by little, removing layers of clothes. But there comes a time when the heat is so unbearable that you will practically have nothing left to take off.

To add more excitement to the matter, the hottest day of the year, it coincides that you have an important date and you have no option to wash your heated face. No problem! There is nothing impossible for our cosmetic star. You can remove the remnants of sweat with micellar water; In addition to cleaning it, you will refresh it instantly improving the appearance of your skin without needing to clarify it.

But do not retire, there is more! You can repeat the procedure after a long day of beach or sun exposure. We are not saying that micellar water is a substitute for any sun cream, but at the same time that you clean your face of possible impurities, you can refresh it (and therefore hydrate) and relax by returning vitality to your face as if from a flash ampoule It will be.

Micellar water as an anti-inflammatory

It has happened to all of us on occasion. After a bad night in which you have slept little and badly, you get up with a face, so to speak, Picassiana. Dark circles and bags in your eyes want to take center stage that day; but you have an ace up your sleeve, or rather, inside your bag. It is the micellar water that, as we had already advanced, It also serves to relax inflamed areas.

It's not miraculous, hopefully! but revitalize your skin and you can look much better looking, paving the way for other specific cosmetics.

Micellar water to touch up makeup

The worst nightmare of any woman who is putting on makeup is undoubtedly having to do a touch up in the middle of makeup. Good because part of the makeup has been smeared or perhaps because you have gone over with the illuminator, sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease; and instead of fixing the situation, you end up getting worse.

Before you curse your bad luck, you should know that the reason for your anger will disappear like the Guadiana the moment you discover that Micellar water will help you make the touch-up operation a success.

The procedure is as simple as moisten a cotton pad with micellar water and gently pass it through the area you want to touch up. Then, to unify the color again, pass the brush with which you applied the makeup base and / or the highlighter and you are ready to succeed. Test it!

After knowing that micellar water is much more than a practical make-up remover, tell us! Do youYou use it in some more situation?

Speak, people, speak!


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