We tried "Soft Sensation Shine & Care" by Astor, lipsticks that make you want to eat

Astor has launched a new line of lipsticks specialized in lip care, which include ingredients to hydrate them and make them feel comfortable and soft. They also have SPF 20 sun protection to protect them from sun damage. However, this component of care is accompanied by lots of vibrant and very bright colors They fit perfectly in the spring season.

Three of the options that Astor offers us to pamper our lips this spring have come to our hands, so that we know them first hand and can enjoy and taste them. Now we tell you our experience, but we can tell you that it has been a pleasant surprise and that It looks like we will have many more colors Looking forward to summer. So you can imagine how much we liked it!

Ringtone 220: "My Sweetie"

We will start talking about its application, which is very moisturizing and silky. Unlike other lipsticks (especially mattes) that are dry and hard to apply, requiring several layers; the Soft sensation from Astor they color the lip at the first pass, with a very comfortable feeling. It does not damage dry or chapped lips, and instead of making dry areas more visible as many lipsticks do, they moisturize and merge with healthy areas, giving a very healthy appearance. As if we applied petroleum jelly or lip balm, but with a lot of color and bright finish.

Ringtone 500: "My Heart"

Despite its oily composition and moisturing, the lipstick is not excessively soft and does not fall apart when used. The taste also accompanies the good experience, with a sweet aftertaste which perfectly matches these sweet and appetizing colors. The only downside we see is that being moisturizing not fixed for too long, so it requires reviews every 2 or 3 hours.

Ringtone 205: "My Baby Girl"

As for the packagingthat of Soft Sensation Shine & Care It's young and fun, but without losing that little chic point That we all want. In gold with mirror effect to maintain elegance and sophistication, but with the semi-transparent pink lid, to reduce the seriousness of the product. After all, colored lipsticks are to create looks with good vibes and originality, right? And with these fun colors Astor has done it. We love you all!

Product Rating Soft Sensation Shine & Care by Astor

  • Texture: 10/10
  • Smell: 8/10
  • Packaging: 9/10
  • Sensation in the skin: 10/10
  • Color coverage: 9/10
  • Color options: 10/10
  • Duration: 6/10
  • Price (8 euros) in relation to quality and results: 9/10

In short, these new Astor lipsticks for the spring / summer season they cover all our crazy, warm and flashy color needs moisturizing and protecting our lips, which is essential at this time of year. So yes, if you are looking for a new lipstick, we recommend (very much) Soft Sensation Shine & Care.

The product was provided for testing by Astor. You can check our company relations policy for more information.

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