Pug puppies invade our Ugly Christmas Sweaters and become the most Christmas trend

This 2016 has not been the easiest year for the world. That's why we need humor, beautiful things and vacations more than ever. Has anyone said Christmas? Or better yet, Has anyone said Christmas with puppies pug? Without knowing much more, we have already signed up for a bombing. But if we are told that Christmas sweaters have been modernized and filled with these cute creatures, who will say no?

The ugly Christmas sweaters they are, by far, one of the most shocking and striking garments that exist. With them there are no half measures. The more pom poms, glitters, sequins, colors and precious stones the better. Now the extravaganzza goes one step furtherbecause the dogs pug They point to the party.

Pugs with wool caps, with reindeer horns or with the Rudolph's red nose. Sometimes nature (or the textile industry) unites things in the most extraordinary and wonderful way possible. Now it has been the turn of Christmas and the most adorable and funny dogs. And let's be honest, a good pug cool more than any of those penguins with Santa hat that sweaters flood on these dates.

In Jared | Is there a cool way to wear ugly Christmas sweaters? We show you that nothing is impossible.

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