Look changes in sight: from Jessica Chastain to Ruby Rose, through Selena Gomez and Shakira

We have not finished the year and there are many who are already betting on the change of look. To start the year with a different cut or color than usual is a stub and they have signed up. So, I bring you in this post not one or two, but four look changes of these days of four celebritiesspecifically of Jessica Chastain, Ruby Rose, Selena Gomez and Shakira that will surely surprise you

Jessica Chastain

Goodbye to the redhead that has marked his style so much and welcome the dark brown, almost chocolate The truth, I keep his previous look, I do not see anything favored.

Ruby rose

In the case of Ruby Rose has gone to Fuchsia. Of course, that with that face she has, anything looks good on her. Yes, now I think it's more, if possible, Kandee Johnson

Selena Gomez

For its part, Selena Gomez He has chosen to cut his long hair (in his case dispense with the extensions) and bet on the LOB.


And finally, we have the change that may surprise you most, seeing Shakira with pink hair, specifically with the rose gold How much it takes and how much we have seen.

What do you think of these changes of look with which we said goodbye to the year?

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