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Gala González: "Instagram is making us want a competitor to come out"

Gala González launches into the world of shoe design and launches its first capsule collection with Pompeii. The first collaboration that the shoe firm makes with a influencer It is a clear commitment to the female audience.

A bold and urban proposal very different from what the brand that consists of two models had accustomed us: 'canard gala' (75 euros), about espadrilles with strap style Mary-Jane that combine esparto with natural silk and linen; Y 'scout tie dye' (60 euros), a reinterpretation of a classic brand model with print tie-dye Ninety

Photographer Haris Farsarakis, stylist Ángela Esteban Librero.

Taking advantage of the presentation in Madrid, we talked to Gala, who has also served as creative director and campaign model:

Every time we see more women in slippers and without heels, walking comfortably. Do you think it is positive? How has our way of being changed by changing the type of footwear? Are we women more concerned now about other things?

We care less about what they will say and having to impress anyone. The heel is a fetish shoe, no doubt. But it has a macho point in some way. Because, we really put them on to feel more secure about ourselves, or to impress?

I have always said that I am more impressed by the woman who goes flat and has the same effect as the one who goes with the heels. Feeling sexy with a heel is easy, it is much harder to feel comfortable and safe when you go with flip flops, for example.

Are you more of sneakers or heels?

I am more of a flat shoe of all kinds than of heels. I don't have that need to project an image that I am not.

What I enjoy most is with creative direction.

You are a multidisciplinary person. Model, influencer, art director, designer, dj ... which face do you enjoy most?

What I enjoy most is with creative direction. I was surprised to end up being in front of the camera. I see everything much clearer from the outside. In fact, when they are taking pictures of me, I like to always have a mirror to control what the photographer is doing. I have a vision in my head and I know what I want to see. Therefore, I like that someone other than me pose, to be able to control everything. Sometimes your vision cannot be transmitted in the same way to the professionals you work with. But then, when there is a beautiful job, it is also gratifying to see oneself. It is a bit self-centered. But we all enjoy when we have a good image.

And which one gives you more work?

Of which I live most is without a doubt influencer. It took me a long time to devote myself full time until I launched my brand. I didn't want to do it for doing, I didn't want to sell my name anyway. I wanted to have maturity and travel. I wanted to explore the online revolution more to understand how to adapt it to design, how fashion is consumed and perceived right now.

Photographer Haris Farsarakis, stylist Ángela Esteban Librero. They have decided not to give us visibility so that we have to pay.

What happened when Instagram has changed its algorithm and you have lost visibility? It's a bit complicated not to have control or complain to anyone ...

We are a little tired and that makes me a little angry. I have met them in New York and they have suggested things that we all already knew. I think they should be more transparent, they should inform us. It seems a bit unfair that they have waited for us to be so dependent on the platform. How can you not get money from content creators whose income It comes from them they have decided not to give us visibility so that we have to pay. I understand that brands do, but not us. It makes me angry that time is spent creating content that later does not go viral as it should. They are making us want a competitor to come out.

Which of the two models you have designed is your favorite?

Espadrilles with bracelet canard They are my favorites and I like the natural color because they are like First Communion.

Photographer Haris Farsarakis, stylist Ángela Esteban Librero.

What would you wear sneakers this summer?

I would wear them with a dress, to give it a touch. I love espadrilles, they are one of the shoes I use most in summer and when I travel. They are comfortable and neat shoes.

And, with what would you never combine them?

I would never wear them with a sequin dress. It is a very product made in Spain, we can not take and put a roll very glamorous. I have not conceived them for that.