"Despite everything" wants to be your weekend plan: polyamory, sisters and secrets in the Netflix movie with Blanca Suárez

We had been waiting for this premiere for some time. The comedy of Blanca Suárez, Amaia Salamanca, Macarena García and Belén Cuesta which could already be seen at the Malaga Film Festival, is actually a family story of four sisters born from polyamory. A cast of ten for a comedy made in Spain from Netflix, which can be your perfect weekend plan.

The mother: a brilliant Marisa Paredes

Sofia, Claudia, Sara and Lucia are the four sisters who star in this Netflix comedy. It all starts when his mother, played by the great Marisa Paredes, dies. Not only the loss, but the reunion of the four, will be the thread of a film in which the differences between the sisters will be the cause of both tears and laughter.

The sisters are barely related, they are getting further, they feel more different and they share absolutely nothing in common., only his parents. But what happens if a secret also breaks that? Carmen's revelation after her funeral is much more than that: "your father is not your father's reality".

This confession post mortem it is also a mother's attempt to get her daughters to come back together, even for the possible inheritance they will receive when they discover the truth, but it is also a reflection of a free woman, who lived her sexuality fully, sharing his love with different people who accepted a polyamorous relationship.

The sisters: undisputed protagonists

Sofía (Amaia Salamanca), is an artist who loves freedom, moves away from commitment and lives her life without thinking about what they will say or how it can affect her actions to other people. Claudia (Belén Cuesta), is the most cautious, discreet and close to her parents, but that does not mean she does not keep secrets.

Lucia (Macarena García), is the smallest. He has always felt that he is not part of the family and his rebellious character contrasts for example with that of Sara (Blanca Suarez), a woman capable of sacrificing love and family to pursue a dream in the US.

In the case of the sisters it is evident who carries the singing voice of comedy, and who is a specialist in becoming intense. Belén Cuesta is the queen in this to make us laugh, although Amaia Salamanca follows closely, who already surprised us with a brilliant comic in the last one that was released in theaters, his work with Leticia Dolera and Javier Rey, What do you play with?

For its part, the intense side runs from the protagonist of The cable girls, Blanca Suarez, which knows how to raise the dramatic point of the film although sometimes it seems somewhat intense, naturalness that in the moments of tragedy does not lose Macarena García.

The father: Juan Diego, the best of the cast

Juan Diego is one of those actors who he manages to reflect the tragedy from humor and that he achieves that from humor we see the drama in the purest state. A father who has always kept a secret, who has lived knowing that his daughters were not really his and that he "shared" his wife's love with others. Without a doubt, the actor of I can't say goodbye, interprets the best performance of the whole movie.

Lovers: from Tito Valverde to Carlos Bardem

Carmen, the mother of the four protagonists, has loved and lived her freedom as a woman under a secret that was taken to the grave. His daughters were unaware of his extramarital affairs (and spoiled in marriage), which accompanied him throughout his life. The parade of lovers that we discovered throughout the film, and that it leaves us acts like Tito Valverde, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba or Carlos Bardem, it is wonderful.

It is not the movie of the year, nor the most thunderous comedy in history, but it will make you laugh and cry and it is, without a doubt, a great weekend for the weekend if you stay at home. With humor points, eThis tangle comedy is easy and entertaining, and the four protagonists and their scenes together are more than enough reason to have a good time with the new Spanish Netflix movie.