How to combine the colors of your home so that the result is ten ... and not a nightmare

Watch out! One of the most exciting things when you just moved into your home is to decorate it, but the emotion can end in catastrophe if you start to combine colours as if there were no tomorrow and you don’t consider simple guidelines. How many times have you entered a flat and got chills when you saw the color palette? Do not worry. To flee from these disasters we have prepared a guide which, in addition, will make your home the most trendy.

The colors, in essence, they transmit very clear messages from each space in question and mold almost like no other element emotions and moods. That is why the use and use of them is such a powerful tool for decorators and designers around the world. In addition - why not say - of the most economical and profitable of all.

Think only of what you yourself can feel when you enter a room whose walls are painted completely red. Or in another, however, in which the purest and immaculate white is the great protagonist. Nothing to see, right? Of course the difference we feel in one case and another is totally noticeable and know how to achieve the desired effect Applying each tone is the key to get your house to transmit the utensils you want and when you want. And even more with the arrival of summer!

That's why I recommend you that you dare to play with the color changes at home. Some are more apt than others according to the seasons. Some are perfect for stays where you need a greater concentration or an atmosphere of greater relaxation ... And so, endless possibilities. Options, by the way, which can not only be reached by applying the color that suits you best in the painting of the walls -which also-, but by changing or betting on textiles, details and decorative elements for home in a color palette or other .

Sometimes, with changes as subtle and simple as these you can also give an air full of color and fun to your home. Dare to it and modify without fear the color range of your house occasionally. Now that summer is coming, it is certainly a great time to do it.

What colors fit my personality

On the color there are different theories and all much more complex than we can imagine. This is not the place or the moment in which to do a doctoral thesis about it, but approaching some basic and practical concepts will be more than enough so that you yourself could Identify which colors fit most with your tastes and personality and where it is convenient that you apply them or not.

Red and orange colors: transmit vitality and energy to spaces. If you are lovers of action, march and movement, these are the ideal tones for your home.

Blue and green colors: These tones are much more suitable for all those who have a somewhat quieter character. If yours is relaxation and tranquility, with these colors - without a doubt - you will get it.

Brown and ocher colors: Here are the ideal colors for all lovers of nature and outdoor environments. They represent, like no other, this type of space and move us directly to the mountainous and rural places.

Roses and violets: Here are the two perfect colors for those who are more conceited and flirtatious. These shades enhance characters such as femininity and sweetness.

White, black and gray: These tones are undoubtedly the most neutral of all. If yours is balance, harmony and you bet on the premise "elegance" in your daily life, with them you will hit the spot.

As a useful key, point out: there are, in this whole universe of color, the warm and the cold. The warm ones - reds, oranges, yellows ... - approach distances and make the spaces seem smaller. On the contrary, the cold colors - blue, dark violet, green ... - move away and make the spaces look bigger. Knowing this rule and betting on those that best fit your character you will have a much greater knowledge to play with them at home and get it right.

Each color scheme has its mission

Taking into account the messages that each color throws and that I have already told you, you can create different combinations of them to bet on atmospheres of one kind or another. It is complicated to discuss what colors combine best, because - in addition - there is a very personal and subjective factor in all this, but we can highlight some important and objective effects when colors of one type are combined with another.

The major rule to consider is the following. If you put together complementary colors to each other, that is, those that are opposite in the color wheel - yellow and blue; violets and greens or turquoise and red, for example - you will create spaces full of contrasts and great attention calls. These color combinations break the feeling of wholeness and continuity and attract the eyes of anyone to the same extent. Therefore, they are very appropriate color palettes, for example, for creative rooms or children's rooms. In addition, of course, refreshing and striking combinations that work better in summer than at any time.

And if, on the contrary, you put together colors that are of the same range but in different intensity, always avoiding its complementary ones, you will get the opposite effect: create relaxed, calm and calm atmospheres. Especially this type of combinations and their effects you can find more data on the Ikea site.

Where to apply color at home

Once you know what your perfect color is according to personality and tastes and with what others it is good to combine it according to the effect you want to create at home, it's time to know where to apply them. The first answer that surely comes to mind is on the walls of the house. Well, this option is successful and very recurrent, of course, but not the only one you can play with.

Do not forget that colors can also be introduced, and with great success, through textiles and details. In addition, in this way, you will be able to change the color range that you bet on at any given time is much simpler and cheaper. Therefore, I recommend that you also introduce the color through textiles - carpets, curtains, bedding, cushions ... - and decorative objects - frames or sheets, flowers, vinyl stickers easy to remove when you want ... -.

The options are as many as you can imagine and the effects to be achieved, all you want.

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