Soon a wedding dress like this at your nearest drugstore

Yes, it seems amazing, but the wedding dresses we show you in this article they are all made with something with as little glamor as toilet paper. Yes, the same paper, which was honored by those of La Trinca more than twenty years ago and that saves us so much trouble every day. But we would never have imagined that it could save us from an even greater trouble.

No silk, no expensive lace, no tulle ... Going tight on budget doesn't matter much when choosing your future wedding dress if you are open minded. Or tremendously skilled. Or you have a designer who knows how to work with different materials. Like those who participated in the twelfth edition of the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest organized by Cheap Chic Weddings, a site dedicated to giving ideas for organizing low-budget weddings, and Charmin, the brand of toilet paper.

Because yes, these wedding dresses that we show you they are made entirely of that material and no other textile (although needles, heat or glue to join the pieces). But the result is to fall on your back, as amazing and dreamy as any model you can buy.

The models that appear in this article are part of the ten finalists, but there were up to 1,500 participants who entered to compete for the prize of ten thousand dollars. One last.

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