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Olivia Palermo becomes the Audrey Hepburn of the 21st century. What do you think?

Few women can be compared with Audrey Hepburn. Its elegance, its class, its know-how, its gift to always be well dressed and impeccable on any occasion make it an icon of unique and unrepeatable style. But if we were to look for a current Audrey Hepburn it could perfectly be Olivia Palermo, and the transformation which has been carried out for this photoshoot with 57 magazine It proves it.

With black dress, fair jewels, perfectly collected hair, the fleeting look of the actress Olivia Palermo relive the aura of delicacy of the character of Holly golightly which gave worldwide fame to Audrey Hepburn. Of course, it is impossible to have its mystery in times of social networks, when even Olivia has a blog.

But what we cannot deny is that we have not seen a little black dress so well taken for 55 years, and that we can imagine the celebrity having breakfast with diamonds every day. Is Olivia worthy successor of Audrey?

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