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Do you suffer from mamamorphosis? These illustrations show the Before and After the evolution of being a mother

As much as they warn us, nothing prepares us for the big change in our life that involves having children. As our whole world turns upside down and the things we used to take for granted disappear to give way to a series of totally disconcerting routines. Before you put a washing machine a week, now it seems that you have assembled a dry cleaner. Before, you were up to date with the latest fashion trends, now you can give yourself a song to your teeth if you wear two socks of the same color. Yes, nothing prepares you for mamamorphosis, but the illustrations created by the clothing store for peques la p'tite bête They explain everything very well. So that later you don't say that we have not warned you.

Mamamorphosis is not an evolutionary change of Darwinian style, it is not a slow and progressive evolution As one might expect. No rather it's like a hurricane that a good day presents itself in your life, to dismantle the foundations of your existence and turn everything upside down. But as it is very difficult to get the idea of ​​how much you can change your day to day after having children, the online store la p'tite bête, has prepared these beautiful illustrations. Why A picture is worth a thousand words.

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