Red carpet

The red carpet of the Goya awards 2016

It's here! The most important red carpet of our country (aka the Goya Awards) turns 30 and shows that over the years he has managed to put himself in a good position and He has earned everyone's respect. The stars of our country dress up to walk around his red carpet (formerly green) and demonstrate that they possess talent, style and class. And as it is better to see it with your own eyes before they tell you, here are all the celebrities that have been seen by their photocall.

NOTE: In constant update.

Cayetana Guillén Cuervo by Lorenzo Caprile

Cristina Brondo of Hannibal Laguna

Juliette Loewe's Binoche

Amaia Salamanca by Hervé Moreau (Pronovias)

María León by Leandro Cano

Penelope Cruz de Versace

Clara Lake by Georges Chakra Couture

Úrsula Corberó by Teresa Helbig

Inma Cuesta by Teresa Helbig

Macarena Gómez by Teresa Helbig

Nieves Álvarez de Georges Chakra HC

Silvia Abascal of Elie Saab haute couture

Elena Ballesteros by Stella McCartney

Juana Acosta de Basaldúa

Goya Toledo of Carolina Herrera NY

Paz Vega by Calvin Klein Collection

Nathalie Seseña de Chordá Couture

Maria Botto by Silvia Tchrassi

Victoria April

Ana Alvarez

Miriam Diaz-Aroca

Natalia Sanchez de Georges Hobeika Couture

Isabel Preysler by Naeem Khan

Candela Serrat de Vionnet

Mariam Bachir by Adriana Iglesias

Veronica Echegui

Aura Garrido of Atelier Pronovias 2017

Marta Hazas of Carolina Herrera NY

Anne Igartiburu by Lorenzo Caprile

Verónica Sánchez of The 2nd Skin Co.

Barbara Lennie by Jorge Acuña

Leticia Dolera de Dolores Promises exclusive

Manuela Vellés de Cortana

María Adánez de Uel Camilo

Cecilia Freire by Anna Locking

Irene Escolar de Sybilla

Bibiana Fernández by Vicky Martín Berrocal

Bethlehem Wheel of Rosa Clará

Marian Álvarez de Cindy Figueroa

Carmen Machi by Amaya Arzuaga

Ruth Gabriel de Rubén Hernández

Rosario Flores

Isabel Cloixet of Sybilla

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