Fluo or phosphorescent makeup to shine with your own light and stay with the staff

Angel wings painted on the back as a way tattoo, dyed hair as if it were a rainbow, fun proposals that light up under the black light. Thanks to UV paint body paint Vistaglo is now possible.

Vistaglo is a brand of accessories and makeup fluo that was born in 2007 from the union of French and German distributors of chemical-luminescent products. In other words, cosmetics, accessories, jewelry (such as bracelets or rings) and gadgets type fluo glow in the dark.

If you want to organize or attend a party that is recorded in the retina, and on the Instagram of all the guests, try and propose to your friends that they also try this type of makeup. When the light goes out, it will turn bright. Thinking that the fun thing is to put on makeup among friends, those responsible for the brand have created a series of packs They contain many proposals. For example, 37 pearl fluo nail polishes (26.99 euros), although there are also 6 that cost only 10.75 euros, eyeliner pencils, a selection of 6 fluo creams (20.83 euros), tubes with paillettes brilli brilli or a pack consisting of 24 lipsticks They become fluorescent with black light.

For the most Arty there is also a whole range of body fluo paint With fat texture of cosmetic quality. All these products have been manufactured respecting the norms in force in the European Union. Tubes of Body Paint Crème Fluo cost 3.33 euros and phosphorescent makeup 2.91 euros. The most expensive are the tubes of gold or silver body paint. Those cost 46.90 euros.

If a black light installation is not available, the paint can always be used in phosphorescent cream which only requires exposure to daylight or electric to shine, it also works in the dark. This brand can only be purchased through its website, but they sell to Europe and the rest of the world. Who will be the first to cheer up?

Video: LIVE Glow at home DIY Black light painting party with The Art Sherpa Vlog (December 2019).