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We predict what the most desired shoe of 2016 will be: the mules

In 2015, the mules they made their grand entrance into fashion by the parade of Gucci. Against all odds, Alessandro Michele made mules with hair the most desired shoe of the moment, becoming one of the most searched words on Google. And in 2016 the definitive consecration of this will take place beading shoe. We do not have the crystal ball in front, but it is not difficult to guess with these precedents.

For spring, the Gucci mules They are decorated with cashmere print. But the mules do not have to be flat slippers, the mules are simply beaded shoes. And watching the parade in which everyone fixes their attention, we see that mules with heels They will also be a trend.

Personally I have a little mania for these shoes, because they always run off their feet and force you to walk like a duck, but in Zara and Mango new season shoes are already appearing (of those for which there are no sales) without heel behind. Flat and wide heel. It will be a matter of learning to walk with them.

In Jared | Gucci and his mix of styles present in his Spring-Summer 2016 collection